Teachings From Jesus 6

Teachings From Jesus 6

We want to share another teaching from the Urantia Book.

“Jesus simply would not accept explanations of worship and religious devotion which involved belief in the wrath of God or the anger of the Almighty.”  125:0.6 (1378.1)

The most important revelation that Jesus brought to this world is that God is a loving father….

Before his teachings, the Hebrews as well as the rest of the civilizations, viewed God (or gods) as a wrathful totalitarian that wanted nothing but sacrifice and appeasement.  People had to spend their day heeding the law of God, which included ways to socialize, eat, worship.  Our existence had to be devoted to complying to his will, even if this meant denouncing and ultimately killing someone just because he dared lift a tool during sabbath.   Humanity lived in fear, not in love.  They didn’t bring about the brotherhood of man, since they were more preoccupied with their adherence to the law rather than to loving and serving their brethren.

Jesus abhorred this idea of a vengeful and bloodthirsty God.  He hated animal sacrifices, since this was completely opposite to the true nature of God, his heavenly father.  He renounced the concept of denouncing and castigating your brethren if they failed or even sinned.  He in turn said “he who is free of sin, cast the first stone,” demonstrating that we are all flawed, but nevertheless loved in the eyes of God.

The high priests, and all who thought that were good with God because they followed the law to the detail, were completely baffled that Jesus would befriend and even recruit sinners and prostitutes.  To them, this was a complete transgression of Hebraic Law.  Nevertheless, these actions, not only his loving words, demonstrated that we are all God’s children.  Our heavenly father is the supreme embodiment of the perfect Father; one who loves his children in spite of their wrongdoings.  He taught us that sincere repentance and loving our brethren is much more valuable than following strict laws, and hating your neighbor for his flaws.

Jesus effectively and ultimately destroyed the image of a wrathful God, and instead supplanted it with the image of a loving and caring father.

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