Teachings From Jesus 8

Teachings From Jesus 8

We want to share another teaching from Jesus.

“It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love one more human being.”  100:4.6 (1098.3)


This is one of my favorite teachings.

I believe this is the clearest expression of our nature…. a progressive evolution from potential to actual; the consummation of the supreme.  We, human beings, are mortal creatures of the universes of and time and space.  The central universe is the only one that came to existence in perfection; there’s no need for time or space for it to evolve.  On the other hand, the 7 super universes were created imperfect, so that beings such as ourselves could move from imperfection to perfection.  We are given time, so that we can exercise our free will throughout our life experience.  We are given space, so that we may choose where to set our conscience; to be aligned with God’s will or against it.

This quotes deals with exactly that; the importance of progressively learning to love one more human being each day, rather than loving them all at once.  It’s virtually impossible to start our lives loving all human beings, there is much to experience and conclude.  Our mortal nature will make us cautious of people, and in some cases, even hate them if they are antagonistic to us.  Our discernment and experiential wisdom will eventually help us realize that we cannot hate someone.  This moves us from an imperfect conception to a perfect one; from unloving to loving.

When we let go of our egoistic nature, and embrace our brethren in love and truly serve them, we are becoming one with God the Supreme.  We are becoming a perfect piece in the puzzle of the universe; a loving being that’s aligned with the Will of God.


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