New insights into the life and teachings of Jesus

Transforming the world by sharing a new revelation of Jesus' life, primarily serving youth.
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Generations follow Jesus’ invitation: “love one another”

More people find their path to God and live as His children

A world increasingly devoted to loving service


Imagine with us a world where:

  • purpose, hope and love replace anxiety, depression and despair
  • we share Jesus with our youth in ways they can embrace
  • we all discover and enjoy a personal relationship with God

Creating experiences that produce spiritual transformations

The entire story of Jesus

The human as well as the divine Jesus. Experience a Jesus that is beyond religious affiliation and denomination.

An immersive experience

Imagine you could explore Jesus’ life in any way you wished. Where He went, who He met, what He did and said.

Untold stories in film

Watch cinematic versions of the stories. Witness how His contemporaries saw Jesus, and feel the power of His ministry.

Sharing God with today’s youth is a challenge

The youth of today crave heroes with whom they can identify. Depictions of Jesus that primarily focus on the divine aspects of His personality are much less relatable to youth. Younger adults would benefit much from knowing about His human aspects, specifically His life as a teenager and young adult.
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I’m fortunate to have discovered the Urantia Book in my quest for truth. But many truth seekers will never have the good fortune of finding the life-changing teachings of Jesus in their quest. The Center for Unity is working to introduce people to the Jesus that Urantia Book readers know. On the North shore of the Sea of Galilee, where millions of seekers come annually to better understand the life of Jesus, the Center's proposed Jesus Museum will allow visitors a fuller relationship with the real Jesus.

Scott Brooks


I am honored to support the Center for Unity projects because Jesus is our eternal inspiration for a life of loving service. Enormous good will come of lifting our attention to his life and teachings as we share his divine love for us with each other.

Michelle Klimesh


It seems to me the Jesus Metaverse is an idea of boundless possibilities whose time has come. It answers the call to present the teachings of Jesus to the current generation in a whole new way that is tailored to the web of culture in which we live. It deserves the all-out support of the Urantia community.

Elisabeth Callahan

minister, educator

I consider the Jesus Metaverse Project, a virtual portal presenting an immersive and new view of Jesus’ life and teachings, to be one of the most important and exciting religious projects of my lifetime. The technological advancements in the virtual world now provide the opportunity for the complete story of Jesus to be presented through media and cinematic presentations that are immersive, engaging, and highlight the source materials from the Urantia Book. It is an honor and privilege to be able to financially support and help develop the Jesus Metaverse Project.

John Nugent


I am inspired and encouraged by the vision and projects of the Center for Unity in spreading the Revelatory Teachings of Jesus calling on humanity to love each other as He (Jesus) loves us.

Katharina Becker

religionist, educator

The Jesus Metaverse Project is the fresh infusion of hope and life our world needs today in a time where the younger generation especially, are severely disconnected from the rejuvenating life which Jesus lived as one of us. As our human society advances rapidly, each generation is tasked with redefining the life of Jesus and its deep transformative meanings. I strongly believe that this project will present Jesus as we all desire and hope to see and know him; an inspiring friend and brother to all.

Oluwatooni Oyeyemi

pastor, educator

Your contribution goes to…

13% funded
We are now raising funds to develop the Jesus Metaverse app and curate the computer model that describes the entire life and teachings of Jesus.

Data curation

Support our scholars as they research and index the greatest sources available about the life and times of Jesus.

Software development

Build an interactive virtual world to experience who Jesus is, how He lived, and what He did, all in one immersive place.

Cinematic presentations

Produce a series of original, engaging short films, inspired by actual events from Jesus' life.

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How it Works?

Donate to fund the development

Data curation, software development, and cinematic presentations are all in progress.


Volunteer to be part of the team

Followers of Jesus with a passion for research, screenwriters, and community builders are some of the open positions.


Follow the story and share it

Actively “lift up Jesus” by sharing with billions of people around the world.

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Frequently asked questions about the Jesus Metaverse

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We believe every human deserves to know and experience the full story of Jesus.

We believe His words and deeds will inspire many that are in spiritual darkness. They have for the last 2,000 years and will continue to until the end of times.

What an awakening the world would experience if it could only see Jesus as he really lived on earth and know, firsthand, his life-giving teachings! 

Have you dreamed of sharing the real Jesus with the world?

The great hope for the future of our world lies in a new revelation of Jesus, through a new and enlarged presentation of his loving message. We wish to augment and quicken this revelation by using state of the art  technology, to spiritually unite in loving service all faiths, races, and nations in the brotherhood of mankind.

The Jesus Metaverse is a software app.

Defining and describing a metaverse is difficult because the world's idea and concept of a metaverse is still developing and evolving. A metaverse can be anything from an immersive virtual reality video game experience to a network of 3D worlds focused on social connection.

We envision the Jesus Metaverse to serve two major purposes; present a collection of experiences focused on the life and teachings of Jesus and allow the user to interact with others.

These experiences are based on the most comprehensive data model ever created to document the entire life and teachings of Jesus, including the lost years.

With our online app, a user can discover, explore, and experience the richness of Jesus’ entire life and teachings and also share these experiences with others interactively.

The process of building the software app consists of the following steps:

  1. Creating a computer model of the entire life and teachings of Jesus. This process is called data curation.
  2. Curating rich media (“presentations”) that pertain to all aspects of the life and teachings of Jesus from online and print sources. This process is called presentation curation.
  3. User experience research, design, prototyping and testing.
  4. Software design, implementation and testing.

The content of the Jesus Metaverse is curated from a wide range of information sources and the vast store of knowledge available digitally and in print.

Our team of data curators gather this information, determine its quality and factual accuracy, and evaluate its benefit to the enlightenment of the Jesus Metaverse users. The determining factors are: 

  • Does it bring man closer to God? 
  • Does it bring God closer to man? 
  • Does it contain the highest levels of truth, beauty, and goodness? 

The computer technology we are using is called a graph database. Its data elements consist of “nodes” and “relationships”.

Every major aspect of the Master’s life is a “node” in this model. Every place Jesus visited. Every person we know He’s met. Every major event. Every important relationship.

We connect these “nodes” with hyperlinks that represent their relationship. We represent this data in a specialized computer graph database management system (neo4j).

Our goal is to create humanity’s most complete and accurate repository of knowledge about Jesus. With contributions of current and future generations, this information will keep expanding to represent humanity’s most comprehensive understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus.

The Jesus Metaverse presents Jesus’ entire life - from the babe of Bethlehem to the ascending Son of God. We use the two most comprehensive sources of information about Jesus, The Bible and The Urantia Book, as a foundation for all other currently available and future information sources. 

The Urantia Book is one of our primary sources of spiritual, scientific, and historical information. The Urantia Book itself is a collection of more than one thousand human concepts representing the highest and most advanced knowledge of historical information and spiritual values along with inspiring new revelations of God and God's creation. 

Visually, we draw heavily from a book called The Untold Story of Jesus. Just imagine how wonderful it will be for anyone around the world to explore Jesus' life and teachings in visually engaging experiences and a vast collection of the best presentations of his actual teachings!

We aspire to be the place where all this information may be found and enjoyed.

The Jesus Metaverse will be accessible from any Internet-connected desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone using a web-browser.

All currently planned features can be enjoyed without any special equipment (such as Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality sets).

Initially, the Jesus Metaverse will be launched as a desktop-only version. Later, tablet and mobile phone versions will be launched.

Future versions of the Jesus Metaverse will offer additional (optional) immersive features available only with an augmented reality or virtual reality set.

The Jesus Metaverse will ALWAYS be offered for free and be ad-free. We are operating as a nonprofit.

This is where you come into the picture. With your donation, we can source the talent we need, build and launch the Jesus Metaverse.

Then, we will implement a pay-it-forward model. In other words, each donation will fund future development of the Jesus Metaverse while keeping it ALWAYS free and ad-free.

The Jesus Metaverse will ALWAYS be offered for free and be ad-free. We are operating as a nonprofit.

We are not connected, partnered or affiliated with Meta (formerly Facebook) or any other commercial entity engaged in building and operating a “metaverse”. In the future, if it will serve our mission, we will consider having a presence in such a metaverse.

The first version of the Jesus Metaverse will not require any special equipment (augmented or virtual reality glasses or headsets). In the future, we intend to offer immersive optional features that will require this equipment. We will do so to serve our users.

The Jesus Metaverse will ALWAYS be free and ad-free.

All that’s required is a sense of curiosity and adventure to explore the known and less known facts of the life and teachings of Jesus.

The time you spend exploring the Jesus Metaverse is an investment in your personal growth and spiritual progress, but benefits us all. 

The Jesus Metaverse is built by The Center for Unity, a nonprofit solely organized for the realization of several related projects intended to share the life and teachings of Jesus with the entire world.

Please refer to the About page and our information package for a complete presentation of the team. Most of the team members serve as volunteers, without any financial compensation. Many of us have already collectively invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of our time and treasure.

We work as fast as we can and as slow as we must.

This is where you come into the picture. With your donation, we can source the talent we need and expedite the launch.

We expect the first version of the Jesus Metaverse to be launched during the first half of 2023.

To review our financial needs and execution plans, please request our information package by clicking on the top menu.

We believe a personal relationship with God transforms an individual. Individuals who live from that place will transform every aspect of their lives, and as a result, our world.

Our mission is to help all realize simple truths. If they so choose, the Jesus Metaverse will help them know the entire life and teachings of Jesus. We believe that knowledge is transformative and directly enhances our personal relationship to God.

The experiences provided by the Jesus Metaverse are designed to appeal to each individual in precisely where they are in their own life.

We aim to make these experiences available to every individual on our planet. That means we will translate the content to many languages and make the experiences accessible to hard-of-hearing and visually-imparied individuals.

Specifically, some of Jesus’ teachings that we would like to share are:

  • God is our heavenly Father, and we ALL are His children
  • Humanity is therefore a FAMILY of brothers and sisters.
  • Humanity may be united in its diversity. Unity does not require uniformity; we don’t have to look, think and behave alike to be united, precisely as family members are never uniform.

An introduction to the Jesus Museum and Jesus Metaverse:

The donor’s deck:

Our 25 year vision:


In addition to the existing media presentations we will curate from external sources, our team will produce a very large collection of short original films. 

Our team is currently writing original screenplays depicting (mostly) fictional stories inspired by actual events as portrayed in the Urantia papers.

These short films are instrumental in telling the untold stories of Jesus in a format that touches us humans deeply and is accessible to all. Using this approach, we believe we can maintain very high production values, aesthetics and quality while keeping costs reasonable.

The entire production will be outsourced or partnerships will be formed.


This was our first and ultimate goal; to build or have a physical museum dedicated to the historical, human, and divine Jesus. A venue where people can experience all that there’s to offer in the lands where these events took place; a venue where those visiting the Holy Land can begin their adventure of learning about Jesus, as they retrace His steps in the very locations where they occurred.  

This project has the greatest potential to benefit Israel and the world, but has the greatest need for resources and funding.  We’ve partnered with an experienced law firm in Israel to help us wade through the necessary permits and requirements to make this happen. 


An immersive experience, offered simultaneously in many venues around the world.

Imagine walking into a venue and being transported back 2,000 years to 1st century Palestine. You would be seeing, hearing and experiencing Jesus’ words and deeds as if you were there.

We are at the very early stages of conceptualizing this project, which is inspired by existing immersive products like the Immersive Van Gogh.

First and foremost, pray for our success. Pray that we receive the ideas, talent and treasure when and as needed.  

Organizationally, we’re incorporated as two nonprofits - in Israel and the United States. 

  1. In Israel, we created The Center for Unity as the creator and developer of our projects.
  2. In the U.S. we have created a supporting organization called the Worldwide Ministry of Jesus to accept contributions and provide tax deductions for U.S. taxpayers on behalf of all Center for Unity projects.

If you wish to volunteer, please click here and tell us what you love doing and how much time you can invest.

  1. To donate via wire transfer, please contact  or call Rick Lyon at +1 (765) 366-7203.
  2. To donate via check: send your contribution to:  Worldwide Ministry of Jesus, 3223 Caroline St., South Bend, IN 46614-2205, USA. 
  3. To donate via credit card, click on the Give Now ❤️ button anywhere on the site.
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