CFU – WMOJ 2022 Financial Report

2022 Financial Report



We believe every human deserves to know and experience the full story of Jesus. We believe His words and deeds will inspire many that are in spiritual darkness. They have for the last 2,000 years and will continue to until the end of times. What an awakening the world would experience if it could only see Jesus as he really lived on earth and know, firsthand, his life-giving teachings! Have you dreamed of sharing the real Jesus with the world? The great hope for the future of our world lies in a new revelation of Jesus, through a new and enlarged presentation of his loving message. We wish to augment and quicken this revelation by using state of the art technology, to spiritually unite in loving service all faiths, races, and nations in the brotherhood of mankind.

Everything that has been accomplished in 2022 was the direct result of your support in prayers, sharing, and funding. Through this newsletter we have kept you informed about the progress of our projects. However, let me quickly review the significant accomplishments of 2022.


None of our projects have evolved so much or become so real as the museum. From a set of drawings and a plan that took too long and cost too much to a real building, suddenly seeming to be just waiting for us to arrive, that can be serving the people of Urantia in 2-3 years. We have a modern building on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. We have one of the top legal teams in Israel negotiating a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the museum owner. We have one of the best design and engineering companies creating the blueprints for renovation of the museum to install our Jesus Experience as the centerpiece but also the promenade walkway of digital walls patterned after the crystal walls of Jerusem and a rooftop venue overlooking the Sea of Galilee to host events and live broadcasts. The part of the museum that is currently open to the public is dedicated to unity of religions. They also have the Jesus Boat, boat tours of the Sea of Galilee, and 500,000 paying visitors each year. All who will be there when we open our doors to the Jesus Museum. All the elements of this grand structure, the Jesus Museum, and the stories of how Jesus changed the world are all in place. We have reached to point of having done all we can do until we get the funding to advance into the design and construction phase. The museum ownership is at the point of “show us the money” before they will sign the agreement. Do we have the money to do what we say we will do? Will the Urantia community support this project? The Israeli government just awarded the museum a $3,000,000 matching fund grant. If we, the Urantia community, can come up with $3million soon, then, according to our attorneys, we can have the Jesus Museum open in about two years. Please help us raise these funds before this opportunity slips away from us. This project has reached the point where the museum will be built but the question is: “Who will build it and who will tell the story of Jesus?” Let’s make sure it is all of us who do that.


The Metaverse began 2022 as an idea about content for the museum. Gabriel discovered some software and then modified it to create a unique learning experience. The short description is a online interactive wikipedia of all things Jesus according to Part IV of The Urantia Book and The Untold Story of Jesus. A team was created to build this app; we have a data curation team collecting and connecting all the people, places, dates, topics, and relationship in a virtual neural network of interconnected information. We have a review team that assure accuracy. We have Gary Tonge creating the visual appearance of the app. Lisa Tao is creating the structure of the app and the user interface. Fraser Gorrie is doing the coding for the app. We anticipate having a working prototype soon and phase 1 available this summer. Phase 2 will add a social interaction function that will allow people to communicate and investigate the Jesus Metaverse together. Just imagine having this for your online study group! All this was made possible by your financial support and prayers. Help us to complete this project that is especially developed to assist young people in their journey with Jesus.


At the beginning of 2022, this was not even an idea. We contacted a third generation Urantia Book student in New Orleans who worked for a TV station, asking for help with fundraising for CFU. This conversation led to the idea of a few short films produced by the TV station. At the same time the station acquired a state-of-the-art CGI film studio. Suddenly we had a Jesus film project and they had a production team and studio looking for projects. After we shared The Urantia Book with the production team, the idea of a few short films became a live actor, full feature, film series. Once again, all the people and parts have come together to create something wonderful. If you have ever wished that some famous hollywood producer would do The Urantia Book, well, your wish is about to come true. The Cinematic Jesus team is developing a story line and blueprint for the film series. Our next step will be to create a pilot film that we can share with distributors, such as the major cable networks or perhaps online, in the hope that they will pick it up and fund the series. We will soon need your help to raise $300,000 to create the pilot film.

But for now, in order to get the Jesus Metaverse available online, get our Cinematic Jesus pilot film created, and start construction of our Jesus Museum–designed and built by the Urantia community–we need your ongoing support. We are both grateful and fully aware of the trust and confidence you have placed in us by investing your treasure in helping us do all these wonderful things. We truly believe that by transforming the individual we can transform the world and that words of things beautiful cannot inspire like the sight thereof of and that what the world needs most is to see Jesus alive again. Using the latest technology available, we, that is all of us lifting together at the same time, are going to do just that.


This is a brief summary of our financial accomplishments in 2022 prepared by our accconting firm:
Walz & Company, C.P.A.’s, P.C. of South Bend, Indiana, USA.




Jesus Museum: $18,739.56

Jesus Metaverse: $50,907.76

Cinematic Jesus: $278. 67

Marketing $9719.05

Banking fees: $884.61

Fundraising: $1,628.91

Accounting and Legal: $2,618.10

Conferences: $4607.83

Office supplies: $159.25

Licenses and permits: $247.64

Misc. Expenses $8871.14


TOTAL INCOME: $148113.26

TOTAL EXPENSES: $98,662.52

NET INCOME: $49,450.74

2023 BUDGET: $654,010



DONORS: $1-$100 = 21

DONORS: $101-$500 = 26

DONORS: $501-$1000 = 6

DONORS: $1001-$5000 = 8

DONORS: >$5001 = 6

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