Born of the Spirit

“Those who are born of the spirit of God shall henceforth discern the word of God regardless of whence it appears to take origin. Divine truth must not be discounted because the channel of its bestowal is apparently human.”  Teachings of Jesus, 155:6.12 (1732.5)

Once we are born of the spirit, or realize that all takes origin in God, the First Souce and Center, our lives change.  It’s a magical transformation or rebirth where we cannot stop to see God.  The understanding of the world and everything that happens in it, creation, destruction, transformation is through God.  We discard the immature thought that God does not exist, or that if he existed how could he allow so much evil and sin.  We see the inequities of the world as part of human imperfection, and a savage natural world that together are actualizing to perfection.

We see all things, even if they’re spoken or done by humans as part of the Divine; we are all ONE.  A loving action, kind words, and even an unselfish action by an imperfect being takes origin in the Divine.  We become an active piece in the puzzle of the universe, understanding that we are living a progression that is leading us into the creation of the Supreme.

To reach this state of discernment of the world we need to “destroy” our egos and unselfish thoughts.  We must be born of the spirit of God and allow it to guide our thoughts and fill our hearts.  We are given two great gifts; the Thought Adjuster from the Father and the Spirit of Truth from our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.  We not need to look far to our universe capital, or even all the way to Havona.  They are dwelling inside of us, showing us the way everyday, all day.  We only need to allow their presence to guide our minds and our hearts, and the world transforms into an active and loving cooperation with them.

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