“If you are the faith sons of my Father, you shall never die; you shall not perish.” Jesus, 193:1.2 (2053.4)

The way we attain eternal life is by our personal and willing choice to embrace God and do his will.  The most important tool we have as mortals, and especially in this trouble ridden world, is through Faith.  This alone can fill our hearts and clear our minds, it can show us the way and rid us from fear.

It’s sometimes hard for human beings to find God.  We live in a secular and modern world, that in a way has “killed God.”  When we look around and see the inequities we question if there’s a higher power, and fall prey to despair; believing we and all of the world is just an accident.  Nevertheless, faith in God is in our hands.  We must break through this veil or confusion and materialism, so that we can finally feel God.  As humans we are always believing in what we see… so how can we believe in God if we cannot see him?  Well, we can feel him in our hearts and in our minds when we allow him in through faith.

I remember this example from when I was a teenager….  A person asked me to close my eyes, and then grabbed my hand.  She asked, “what am I doing?”  I replied “you’re holding my hand.”  She then said; “how do you know if you can’t see me doing this.”  I replied back… “I can feel it.”

Faith is the same way.  We do not need material proof to understand the existence of God, we need undoubting Faith.

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