Gospel for Everyone

“This gospel of the kingdom belongs to both Jew and gentile, to rich and poor, to free and bond, to male and female, even to the little children.”  Jesus, 191:6.2 (2044.3)

The Gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man that Jesus preached did not exclude anyone.  Although he was born into a Jewish family, because the Hebrews had the most advanced concept of God at the time, his teachings were for everyone.

Before Jesus came to the world, different cultures and civilizations had “their own gods,” and they weren’t keen on sharing them with other peoples.  This created a great rift within the evolving mortals, since they were always trying to prove that “their god was better than the other one.”  Usually the rule of thumb was that if I conquer you, my god is greater than yours.  Not to mention the polytheistic religions of Rome and Greece, who were the greatest social and cultural influences of ancient times, that allowed for every person to “choose their own god to worhip.”

Jesus destroyed this notion of “my god versus your god” and presented a “Universal Father,” regardless of your culture or social status.  This was really the teaching that put us on equal stance before the eyes of God.  Even common and poor people had the same stature that the high priests of the Sanhedrin.  The main reason Caiaphas and his gang despised Jesus and eventually had him crucified was because this teaching took away their power, and made God universal, not only for the Jews.

The second part of the Gospel, the Brotherhood of Man, taught us that the way to reach God was through our brotherly love.  This was another concept that completely changed the power structure of the Hebrew religion as well as the Roman and Greek.  You did not need a priest to communicate with God, nor did you have to sacrifice animals or any other type of “sacrificial offering” to appease God and be on his good side.  The key was to love and serve your neighbor!  Jesus taught us that our relationship with the Love of God is a circuit; we receive the love of God, and the way we return it is through loving our brethren.

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