The Jesus Experience: Status May 2023

The Jesus Experience–Update

Steven Marble, discussing the Back to the Future Ride with George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg

By Steven Marble | 5/15/2023

After many years of working in the fields of immersive experiential entertainment design, production, and construction as well as large and special format filmmaking I was drawn to the opportunity to see for myself the Center for Unity’s Jesus Museum Project.

I was not disappointed. What is possible now on the Sea of Galilee is an opportunity beyond most of our capacities to believe can happen or understand the immense value that it can bring to the Revelation and people of our planet.

I was placed in the position of giving birth to the Back to the Future Ride at Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood at a time when Disney’s parks ruled the theme park world with the best attractions. In 1991 that changed when Doc Brown’s flying DeLorean took off in Florida.

The transformation of the Yigal Allon Museum into an immersive journey back in time to the days of Jesus will be an experience that all can enjoy. This is a rare opportunity to make a major impact on Israel’s tourist industry and the global visitors who experience it.

Buckminster Fuller had a saying born from a challenge to devise a way to turn massive war ships which were underpowered to move the large rudders when they were at speed. He created a smaller tab at the outer edge of the large rudder to subtly alter the flow of water which would then push the large rudder easily into position. He called this a Trim Tab and used that metaphor to express what his life’s work had become. The Jesus Museum at the Yigal Allon is our opportunity to create a Trim Tab that can acquaint the world to a new understanding as to who Jesus was before Christianity. This understanding can give the visitors of all faiths and cultures a new, deeper connection to the Jesus we know through the Urantia Revelation.

Buckminster Fuller lecturing at a Global Symposium

There are almost inexhaustible buses filled with visitors traveling around the Sea of Galilee daily. Also, the Yigal Allon Museum has the famous Galilee boat dated 2,000 years ago which invites tremendous interest. This boat can be the center piece to an expanded exhibit including a large auditorium with a panoramic screen and other immersive effects. Busloads of pilgrims, tourists, and local visitors will be drawn to experience the history of boatbuilding during this period and the unique reality that Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth, had his hands in that world. Through immersive cinema, the audiences will be transported into a very plausible past that connects them to Jesus, his contemporaries, and the bigger work that he was initiating.

The guests would then be able to exit into a discretely designed sound and light experience that can guide them through a history of the impact Jesus had upon the entire world with his message of sharing Peace and Love with all people. As if on a “heavenly” walkway, images and sound can portray the themes presented in the theater with greater detail and intimacy as the guests transit on a suspended ramp through a 30 foot high image field.

Upon leaving this area the visitor will encounter the actual boat, a boat that many feel has a direct connection to Jesus because of the unique design, unlike any boat built before his time on the Sea of Galilee. Eventually, upon leaving the Museum, there can be a living history boat shop in which this same design is being built by craftsmen using the tools of that era.

This exciting encounter can draw in tremendous attendance that a hungry tourist market is waiting to visit. Additionally, there can be the opportunity to utilize a similar 3-story volume of space above the theater exit experience as an indoor event facility for ministries, corporations, and private parties. The roof above this event space will be available as a gathering place with food service and media opportunity for remote global broadcasts overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

These are just some of the visions that are now being considered. A world class design and production team, as well as the best legal and management group in Israel are now enlisted to be part of this activation.

All that is needed is for those of us that have the capacity to share this vision, for a truly transformative entertainment and educational portrayal of the Revelation of Jesus’ life, by helping us fuel the vehicle that can transport this project into manifestation.

The “Jesus Museum” on the Sea of Galilee can be the Trim Tab that enhances the global visitors’ perspective of who Jesus was as a Man and what his Life did to transform our planet.

And you can be part of that Trim Tab that gently navigates the course of a great project into the sea of manifestation altering the entire world by simply committing to a monthly donation that will move this project forward.

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