Teachings From Jesus 4

Teachings From Jesus 4

We want to share another teaching from the Urantia Book.

This one was shared by Marin DeJohn

“Human Personality,” indwelt and oriented by the Paradise Father’s spirit, is the only physical related reality which can transcend the material sequence of temporal events.  Jesus 130:7.4

The grandest gift that was given to us is Personality; this is US, the I AM.  When the Paradise Father thought of the Son, he thought of a separate personality from his.  A copy of him in all senses, but unique in that it had his own personality independent of that of the Father’s.  The same is true for all of us, we are independent personalities.

This is what transcends time and the temporal events of material living.  Personality is the core of our selves, and though it may be housed in a material body, it is transcendent of it.  It has a spiritual nature as well, two actually, the Thought Adjuster from the Father, and the Spirit of Truth from our local Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.  They can help guide our thoughts and lead us to spiritual values, that can be transformed into hight acts of divine nature in the material world.  Nevertheless, they cannot change our personality, for it is unique to each individual, and not even God can alter this.

We, as mortal creatures of time and space, can transcend the boundaries of the material world.  We do this by aligning our will to that of the Father.  In doing so we choose to eternalize and add our personality to that of the supreme, moving from potential to actual.

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