The Jesus Metaverse app: Status Feb 2023

Jan-Feb 2023 – MVP1SP3 (MVP1 Sprint3)

MVP1SP3 is shorthand for Minimum Viable Product version 1, sprint #3. This sprint coincides with the calendar months of January-February 2023.

During this sprint, Lisa and January will focus on designing the Journey mode.

Fraser and Gabriel will focus in implementing the Timeline and Article pages.

This month Lisa and January are advancing in the design of the look and feel of the app.

Fraser has implemented several performance-related features to load the app much faster.

Gabriel has created a system for uploading the essays written by the Creative Writing team and the media files curated and created by Gary to embellish the app pages.

Creative Writing

Mike joined Andre in the editor role, in addition to his role as a technical editor – the task of preparing the essays for import into the app.

Each written piece represents an original new exposition of a Person, Location, Topic or Relationship from part IV of The Urantia Book.
In essence, we are writing a whole Wikipedia only about the life and teachings of Jesus.

Data Curation

Susan, Mike and Sandra continue to correct the computer model and add tags.

We are getting ready to start working on an open source version of the data model.

Media Curation

Gary has started curating images and painting new images for the app pages. He is using the Midjourney AI program to produce a draft and then completes the work himself.

This is the portrait picture of Judas Iscariot:


We Need Your Help

As you can imagine, this is a huge project but we have a team of enthusiastic Urantia students working on it. Lisa is creating the pages, functionality, and the look and feel of the Jesus Metaverse App. Fraser is developing the app to work on smart phones, tablets, and computers in both Apple and Android.

This is our next fund raising challenge, but it will be the final major step to bring this project to completion.

We are estimating that we will need an additional $60,000 for app development.

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