Teachings From Jesus 9

Teachings From Jesus 9

We want to share another teaching from Jesus.

“You should manifest the righteous ministry of loving service to believers and unbelievers alike.”  The Teachings of Jesus, 178:1.6 (1930.3)

This teaching asks us to love our brethren regardless of their status.   It’s very easy to love and minister to people we love, nevertheless the true challenge is doing the same with people that may be antagonistic to us.

Jesus loved all people, even his captors and eventual executioners.  This is the greatest demonstration of unconditional love and following the will of God.  We must be like Jesus, and bring the “good word” to all people, regardless of their beliefs, inclinations or actions towards us.

Loving service is the pinnacle of all services.  It means that we are not looking for personal gain or exaltation.  We are serving our brothers and sisters wholeheartedly, and not conditioned to only the ones that love us.  We must lovingly serve those that may be our “enemies” (although once we lovingly serve them, the concept of enemy disappears)

Righteous ministry is the right of every child of God, and our duty to share.  We must always communicate this ministry to our fellows, regardless of our personal situation with them.  The word of God is not ours to keep; we’re rather a circuit where the divine word flows and is made existent through us.

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