The 25 Year Vision

We are transforming the world by sharing a new revelation of Jesus’ life and creating experiences that produce spiritual transformations.

The Center for Unity is developing four simultaneous projects which are all interconnected and rooted in The Untold Story of Jesus, and The Life and Teachings of Jesus – Part IV of The Urantia Book. These are the Jesus Metaverse, Cinematic Jesus, Experience Jesus, and the Jesus Museum.

Jesus said:

“No man in this world now sees the Father except the Son who came forth from the Father. But if the Son be lifted up, he will draw all men to himself, and whosoever believes this truth of the combined nature of the Son shall be endowed with life that is more than age-abiding.” 157:6.10

Each of our projects is intended to lift the real Jesus up for all mankind to fall in love with him. We believe what the world needs most is to know the religious life of Jesus of Nazareth and thereby be drawn to seek a personal and individual relationship with him and with our Heavenly Father.

Click here to read an overview of our projects and click here to see a short video presentation.

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