A Digital Computer Model of the Life and Teachings of Jesus

Please don’t run away because of the following diagram. I promise that in 5 minutes all will be clear.

What is this diagram?

This diagram is the basis for a computer model that describes the entire life and teachings of Jesus presented in part IV of The Urantia Book.

Why create such a model?

Using an innovative process and new tools, we are curating data, information and insights which serve as the foundation for learning about Jesus and experiencing His teachings like never before. This model will be used in the Jesus Metaverse app. We will also publish an open source version.
There are many ways this data can and will be used by our and future generations.
This innovation will serve as the basis for our collective understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus.

How do we create this model?

Imagine going over the entire part IV of The Urantia Book and highlighting with a marker:

  • Every Person.
  • Every Location (place).
  • Every Relationship between two Persons.
  • Every Group of three or more Persons.
  • Every Time of importance. Sometimes we only know of a year, and sometimes The Urantia Book is much more specific about when Events occurred.
  • Every Event that occurred.
  • Every Topic of interest.

Now look again at the “circles” in the diagram above. Each circle is a type of data point in the model. The lines connecting these circles are relationships between the data points.
For example, a line connecting Person and Event called PARTICIPATED_IN.
The relationship between the Person and the Event stores the information of which Persons participated in which Events.

How can we use of such a model?

Once the data is stored in computer format, we can ask questions such as:

  1. Show me all the everything that happened between Simon Peter and Jesus, from the first time they’ve met to the last time Jesus appeared to Simon Peter after the resurrection.
  2. What did Jesus teach about: oppression, gender equality, parenting, dealing with abusive behavior, depression and anxiety, etc.
  3. Show me every date Jesus visited Jerusalem and what happened each of these times.
To learn more

You can find an overview presentation here.
We have an entire Behind the scenes archive waiting for you.
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